Using Inclusive Language to Reduce Stigma

Language is a powerful tool! When used positively, it can reduce stigma, support our mental wellness, and provide an environment of support and inclusion.

In this webinar, you’ll learn the principles for inclusive language, and how you can use those principles to create a positive work culture and support others working against stigma.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the factors that contribute to mental illness
  • Understand mental health stigma and its effects
  • Focus on the power of language while working with others
  • Small steps you can take toward ending mental health stigma

Our presenter

Geoff Moffett is a Workplace Mental Health Facilitator for the Canadian Mental Health Association, BC Division -Victoria Office. He believes in ending the stigma around something we all have and live with, our mental health.

His employment journey has taken him through different employment situations, where the importance of mental wellness was pivotal to success. He has held various positions working with traditionally marginalized populations, while working within Government, non-profit, unionized, and private industry. He uses humour when referencing his lived experience, while creating a supportive environment for discussions on mental health.

Geoff is an award-winning basketball coach, having coached for over 20 years. He coaches at the high school level and runs a youth basketball program in Victoria.