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Care to Speak is made up of peer supporters who have experience and worked in the healthcare and social services sector. Our peers have worked in frontline healthcare, social work, support services, long-term care, home care, and community care.

“My experience includes working in the healthcare sector in Manitoba and BC. I was honoured to work with those on a rehabilitation/closed head trauma floor, in a veterans’ facility and my passion was caring for those (and supporting their families) in palliative care. I now serve my organization and community in the Okanagan, through a role that is designed to support more than 600 employees with care, empathy, and compassion.” – Elle V

“I have worked in both the healthcare and social services sector. I was an MOA for a family practice and was also a support worker for adults and youth in North Vancouver. I am now in pursuit of a career as a clinical counsellor.” – Deniz, New Westminster

“I worked as a Residential Care Aid providing daily care to residents at a long-term care facility for six years while pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Recently, I began working as a Peer Support Worker at an Urban Health sector at VGH, supporting client’s managing addiction and helping them navigate their health and the healthcare system” – Alana, Surrey, BC

“I have been a Medical Office Assistant for nearly five years now. I have experience working with multiple GPs, nurses, hospital staff, and patients, where I provide physical and mental health support to many patients” -Sahar Radin, Northshore & Maple Ridge BC

” I work at a physiotherapy clinic as a physiotherapy assistant, aiding in musculoskeletal therapy treatment, while going to school at UBC, to become a physiotherapist.” – Abdel, Kelowna BC 

“I am an immigrant from Japan, who worked as a Registered Nurse at St. Paul’s Hospital in Downtown Vancouver, and now am working in Community Care as an RN.” – Peer, Richmond

I have been working in the social services sector for six years now.  I work with individuals with developmental disabilities, and provide supports to their caregivers. – Peer, Vancouver

“I was an outreach worker in the Downtown Eastside and volunteered with the Vancouver Crisis Centre in suicide prevention. I’m currently in medical school and hope to be a psychiatrist, as mental health is my big passion.”- Polly, Vancouver

“I have been an LPN since 2002 working in various settings such as in community as a home support supervisor, acute care, long-term care and assisted living and taught both LPN and HCA programs. I am currently in a psychiatric nursing program as mental health continues to be my area of most interest.” – Pam, Sechelt, BC

“Since 2009, I have been a community healthcare worker.  I have worked in facility & home support as well as an activity aide.  I am a shop steward and JOHS rep in my unit and I am a strong and active advocate for my peers and my clients.” – Linda, Vancouver Island

“I have worked in the health care system for over 6 years. I had the pleasure of working as one of three MOAs in a family practice of 5 physicians and occasional visiting specialists right after receiving my medical office certificate.” -Geseka, North Vancouver, BC

“I am currently an Online Wellness Coach, studied to work in Pharmacy and I am currently a Psychiatric Nursing Student” – Andrea, Surrey, BC