Care to Speak

Connect with a Peer Supporter for free, unbiased, and confidential mental health support by calling or texting 1-866-802-7337 (PEER), or chatting online with us.


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Care2Listen Podcast

Care2Listen is a new podcast that aims to reduce stigma around mental health in the healthcare profession and shed light on the difficulties caregivers face, while also providing accessible resources and support for those who need it. 


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Healthcare Worker Resources

Whether you work in long-term care, home and community care, or community social services, your mental health is a priority. While you are helping to keep our communities strong, we are here to provide quick and easy resources to support your mental, emotional and physical well-being.


If you’re emotionally exhausted or feel that you’re unappreciated and overwhelmed even though you continue to work hard, you may be approaching or in burnout.

Taking Care of Me

Our bodies and brains are not designed to be in stress mode all the time. When our stress systems get overworked, we are at increased risk for physical health and mental health problems.


Serious problems like bullying, harassment, discrimination, and even violence are the extreme end of a lack of civility and respect at work.

Healthcare Leader Resources

If your work involves encouragement, motivation and appreciation to the healthcare workers, here are resources for you to continue promoting and protecting the well-being of those who reflect the quality of patient care, safety, compassion and patient experience.

Mobile Response Team Round Table

The monthly leadership meetings respond to the many challenges those working in long-term care organizations voiced.

Resolving Conflict

No matter what the source of the conflict is, resolution before the situation escalates is essential.

Supporting Staff

It can be helpful for employees to know that you have a plan to address their concerns and support them during difficult times. Your staff are your greatest resource – you can support them

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Mental Health Support Resources

Expanded Support from CMHA BC

Peer support, BounceBack* coaching, community counselling and more supports are delivered with community-based local CMHA’s and partner organizations throughout British Columbia. Read More

Crisis Line and Crisis Centre

For immediate help Call/Text 9-8-8 National Suicide Helpline or
1-800-784-2433. For BC Mental Health Support call 310-6789. Get Help Now.

Supportive Conversation Library

Questions and strategies to help you have a supportive conversation with someone you care about on difficult topics like mental health, stress, addiction, anger, abuse or lying. Visit the library today.

Phone Line Support for Healthcare Workers

The Mobile Response Team is available to support the mental well-being and psychological safety of frontline healthcare workers who are experiencing distress and mental health concerns in response to COVID-19. To request MRT support, you can call: 1-888-686-3022 or Email: