Guided Mindfulness Practice Sessions

Mindfulness. We have all heard the word, but what is it actually?

Join Bonnie McDonald through these four Guided Mindfulness Practice Sessions that will allow you to step out of the clutter and focus on what you are doing, thinking, and feeling in the moment.

During each session, you will have an opportunity to try different types of mindfulness practices such as: exploring anchors of attention, conscious relaxation, and sensory awareness practices. Not only does research show that practicing mindfulness can help improve quality of life, but it can lead to better overall well-being, reduction of stress and anxiety, and improvement of physical health.


  • Find the links below to listen for FREE
  • Practices last between 15-20 minutes.
  • Listen to these practices sitting, lying down, or standing.

Practice #1

Click to listen. This practice will guide you through enjoying the present moment, allowing your body and mind to rest in the same place, and discovering how gravity finds and settles you.

Practice #2

Click to listen. This practice focuses on noticing the space and objects around you, letting go of unnecessary holdings, and feeling the sensations of your body.

Practice #3

This practice focuses on bringing sound into your awareness, recognizing the different sounds around you, and using sound as an anchor when your mind wanders.

Practice #4 - Coming May

This practice brings in the sensation of touch, feeling the sensations through your body while consciously relaxing.