Healthy brain, resilient mind

We’ve all felt anxious and stressed at some point in our lives—especially these days. Brain science underscores how important mindset, resilience, and a healthy lifestyle are in dealing with change and disruption at work and in life.

Mental Health and Resilience: Resources for Workers

The importance of mental health is becoming more and more clear in recent times and there are strategies that workers can take to improve their individual resilience. Learn about the signs and symptoms if someone is struggling, strategies for maintaining positive mental health, and the tools and resources available for workers to take care of themselves and to promote psychological health and safety in the workplace.

Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Learn practical strategies on how to support neurodiverse employees and colleagues to be successful on their job. This webinar is to assist human resource professionals, employers, supervisors, managers, co-workers, job coaches and counsellors.

Psychological health and safety in the workplace: Resources for Leaders

Psychologically healthy and safe workplaces play an integral role in maintaining the psychological health of workers. There are strategies that employers can utilize to improve organizational resilience. Learn about the mental health tools and resources that are available for leaders to help support workers and themselves, as well as the actions employers can take to promote psychological safety in the workplace.

Creating a Space to be Heard: How Care to Speak Can Help

Learn about the current wellness of today’s force in the healthcare sector from the perspective of Care to Speak. Our speakers will guide us on identifying burn-out and vicarious traumatization red flags and recommendations to support better and understand our teams.