BounceBack for Caregiver Wellness: CBT skills for checking in on your mental health

Based on teachings from the BounceBack®: Reclaim Your Health program (a free CBT coaching program for Canadians experiencing mild to moderate anxiety or depression), this webinar will cover key skills practitioners can use to pause and reflect on their own well-being.


Topics discussed will include:


  • Benefits of and strategies for regular mental health self-checks
  • Practical self-assessment tools
  • A brief introduction to the BounceBack program as a helpful support resource for both patients and practitioners alike

Our presenter:

Stephanie Streicher


Stephanie Streicher has worked as part of the CMHA (BC Division) program BounceBack: Reclaim Your Health for seven years, first as a community coach and now as a Quality Assurance and Training Coordinator. Her current role includes operational support for program delivery across Canada and training BounceBack coaches in service delivery best practices. After a decade of mental health service delivery experience and working directly with various populations within various healthcare environments, Stephanie has developed a passion for improved accessibility to wellness resources.

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