Creating a Space to be Heard: How Care to Speak Can Help

Description: Learn about the current wellness of today’s force in the healthcare sector from the perspective of Care to Speak. Our speakers will guide us on identifying burn-out and vicarious traumatization red flags and recommendations to support better and understand our teams.


Speakers: Harjinder Janda has been the Care to Speak Coordinator for almost two years at the CMHA Vernon branch. Her work is inspired by hearing, validating, and supporting healthcare workers to reduce the barriers and stigmas about mental health in the healthcare sector.


Tyler is a Facilitator for the Peer Support program Care to Speak. Tyler graduated from UBC with a background in Biochemistry and Psychology and has worked and been part of the mental health world for five years after starting to work in the Crisis Line field. Tyler is passionate about connecting colleagues in the Healthcare and Social Support Sector with help and getting people to support when they need it most.

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