Responding to Crisis at Work

During this session, we will learn a simple three-step model that can be used to respond effectively to distress. This webinar is complementary to a previous session De-Escalation Strategies for Healthcare.

Please note that this session is intended to provide a brief overview of these tools and is not intended to be a substitute for full crisis de-escalation training. More in-depth de-escalation training can be accessed through the Crisis Prevention Institute

Our presenter

Maria Weaver is a skilled and enthusiastic leader, educator, and facilitator with many years of experience across sectors including higher education, non-profit, and community health. With her experience working front-line and later managing a crisis line, she is adept and compassionate in providing crisis de-escalation, mental health promotion and suicide prevention training and education. Maria works for the Canadian Mental Health Association BC Division as the Associate Director, Suicide Prevention and Life Promotion.

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