De-escalation strategies for healthcare

Overworked and stressed already, healthcare workers often find themselves on the receiving end of the upset that patients and families are experiencing.

In this interactive, reflective webinar, participants will learn practical strategies to help them de-escalate situations in which patients and family members are in distress. Opportunities to discuss and troubleshoot scenarios will be included, allowing participants to apply the skills discussed in this training to real-life situations.



Rebecca Higgins has worked in community and social services for over 23 years, specializing in mental health education since 2010. She has designed and facilitated workshops and webinars for a wide range of groups, including educators, caregivers, artists, librarians, customer service professionals and many more.

In addition, Rebecca has served as a panelist and presenter at conferences, delivered keynote speeches on mental health, and provided consultation support to community mental health initiatives.

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