Heart Based Approach™ Caring

Did you know that people who can notice and process emotion have higher levels of vitality and well-being?

Maybe you struggle to harness the power of your “emotional” self or aren’t sure how paying attention to emotions can benefit your personal life and work.

Heart Based Approach™ Caring: Josephine’s passion and mission to bring more heart into business has led to the development of our Heart Based Approach (TM). A Heart Based Approach is a proactive mental health tool that utilizes the science of positive psychology and emotional intelligence to meet people where they are and journey with them to feeling aliveness. This approach can be applied to any organizational setting.

Through this heart-based approach leaning you will:

  • Improve your psychological well-being so that as a caregiver you can stop pouring from an empty cup
  • Notice how emotions show up and how they can play a role in filling up your cup
  • Move through the challenges that are leaving you stuck so you can create a brighter and more powerful tomorrow

Our presenter

Josephine Tite is an experienced wellbeing practitioner within the senior health care, social care and dementia care sectors. She is directing the efforts of her firm, The Positivity Centre, to be a catalyst in merging Wellbeing Science, Health Care and Humanity together by implementing a Heart Based Approach™. She’s someone who prefers comfort over style, natural over manmade, Good Earth over Starbucks, and Pecorino over Parmigiana… and she knows that the best coffee is always served in tiny little cups.