What is Childhood Pain and How to Heal From it as Parents

Childhood pain can take many forms and come in varying degrees.  Examples include neglect, abuse, parentification, growing up with controlling or judgmental parents, not feeling heard, not feeling loved or cared for, being punished, or reprimanded, not feeling safe, or perhaps parents having too high expectations of you. Childhood pain can also come from something that happened to you or something you experienced.  You may have been bullied and felt like no one helped you.  You may have experienced the death of a parent or a loved one.  You may have lost a friend to suicide.  These events cause trauma in a child’s mind and the pain from these losses can carry into adult life. 


When we don’t acknowledge and heal the pain from our childhoods, these pains will show up in our parenting.  We know that our childhood pain is showing up in our parenting when we are struggling in our parenting role. In this webinar, we will learn the signs that our childhood pain is getting in the way of becoming the parents we are meant to be.

Our presenters

Anne Alvares is a Parent Coach of the Masterful Parenting Program, a school counsellor, a teacher, and a mom of two.  With over 20 years of working with families, Anne is passionate about helping parents gain confidence in their parenting.  She has had over 15 years of working with teens as a high school counsellor.  She knows what teens need, what they struggle with, and how they think and feel about things.  In her Masterful Parenting Program, Anne helps parents heal from their childhood pain to nurture healthy relationships with their children through relational parenting.  You can connect with Anne at the links below if you want to learn more about relational parenting.