Neurodiversity: Thriving in the Workplace Jungle

Let’s embark on a comprehensive exploration of the diverse neurotypes within your workplace ecosystem! Looking through the lens of neurodiversity, we see that neurological differences, such as autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and others, are natural variations in how individuals think, learn, and experience the world. Join Lisa Lewis for an interactive workshop featuring insightful discussions and practical takeaways to enhance your ongoing journey of appreciation and insight into neurodivergent experiences and how they can bring value to your workplace.

Key topics we’ll explore:

  1. Unveiling Nature’s Wonders: Delve into the fascinating complexities of genetic diversity, focusing on spiky profiles – where differences between someone’s strengths and weaknesses are more pronounced – and visual and verbal processing.
  2. Shifting Perspectives: Gaining new insights into neurodiversity from alternative viewpoints.
  3. Workplace Wildlife Conservation: Learn how to cultivate inclusive environments that support all individuals in your workplace ecosystem. We will discuss communication strategies, practical tips, tricks, and the principles of universal design.

Learning Objectives:

  • Analyze the genetic complexities of neurodiversity, with emphasis on spiky profiles and processing variations
  • Gain a deeper understanding of neurodiversity from alternative perspectives
  • Implement strategies to cultivate and sustain inclusive workplace environments
  • Master effective communication techniques for engaging with neurodivergent colleagues

Our presenter

Lisa Lewis, the founder of MindMosaic Inclusive HR, is a seasoned professional with over twelve years of extensive experience in human resources and management. Her proven track record includes resolving complex problems, implementing change management for HR initiatives, and contributing to organizational development. Lisa excels in various of future leaders. She is dedicated to upholding values such as dignity and respect in the workplace, with a strong focus on diversity, equality, and inclusion.

Diagnosed with ADHD later in life, she attributes her diverse background and success to her neurodivergent perspective. Originally hailing from the east coast of Canada, Lisa’s diverse traits have fueled her drive to extend her professional journey, leading her to work and travel HR facets, including Employee Relations, Recruitment & Selection, Health & Safety, and Compensation. Her expertise extends to HRIS technology, out-of-the-box solutions for staff engagement and effective collaboration with stakeholders.

Passionate about learning development, Lisa specializes in creating programs that foster high-performance workforces and cultivate the growth to over 40 countries.

Lisa has been a guest speaker on the podcast ‘ADHD for Smart Assed Women’ and has shared her insights as a guest speaker for CPHR roundtables. In addition, Lisa works one-on-one with individuals, collaborating to find creative and simple solutions to workplace barriers that address their intersectional needs. Her hands-on approach reflects her dedication to making a tangible impact on workplace inclusivity.