FEB 1 – Energy Health Management

Optimal health & performance aren’t just about hard work and accountability; they’re also about managing the normal limits of output. Using the latest research from Dr. Sean Richardson and his own experience, Joe shows participants how to develop discipline around recovery and build resilient mindsets that boost productivity and stress-proof their lives.

MAR 7 – Transforming Emotions Workshop

Research on effective emotional transition shows that individuals, businesses, and organizations need the right tools to guide themselves and others through the normal emotional response to stress, change, and challenge

MAR 28 – There’s More to You Than You Can See

In this eye-opening presentation, Joe Roberts shares the critical role family and community support played in helping him overcome a lifelong struggle with substance use disorder and mental illness. 

JAN 23 – Making Cents Of Money: Budgeting 101

Nobody was born knowing how to manage money and knowing how to avoid the cost of financial stress. Many parents didn’t discuss money at home, and money management wasn’t taught in school. Learning how to manage money the hard way is, well, hard.

JAN 17 – What is Childhood Pain and How to Heal From it as Parents

Childhood pain can take many forms and come in varying degrees. Examples include neglect, abuse, parentification, growing up with controlling or judgmental parents, not feeling heard, not feeling loved or cared for, being punished, or reprimanded, not feeling safe, or perhaps parents having too high expectations of you.