Tools for Managing Stress and Burnout

In this introductory workshop, Jennifer Aberman will help you learn how to manage stress and prevent burnout using evidence-based mindfulness practices.

How to Recognize & Manage Unconscious Bias

All of us carry unconscious bias in us, and this alone isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, recognizing and working to address it is critical to ensure equity for all groups.

Managing Chronic Pain

In this webinar, we’ll explore the nature and profound impact of chronic pain in the workplace. We’ll also analyze factors contributing to chronic pain and share evidence-based, practical strategies specifically tailored for caregivers.

Managing Trauma and Stress

Learn about the ways trauma and stress can impact healthcare professionals, and practice helpful coping strategies in this one-hour discussion about trauma and healthcare.

Managing Conflict Safely & Respectfully

This one-hour webinar is designed to provide participants with key strategies and tools for managing and resolving interpersonal and work-related conflicts in a safe and respectful manner.

July 10 – Heart Based Approach™ Caring

A Heart Based Approach is a proactive mental health tool that utilizes the science of positive psychology and emotional intelligence to meet people where they are and journey with them to feeling aliveness.

August 21 – Navigating Disability With Accessibility

Drawing on his lived experience as a person with a disability who works from home and who uses caregiving services, Andrew Gurza will explore how we can make caregiving spaces accessible for clients and consumers alike.