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Healthcare Worker Resources

During these difficult times your mental health is a priority. Whether you’re looking for up to date credible information to ease your mind, a free workshop to learn about resiliency, or quick daily coping tips, it’s here. This site provides a diverse collection of quick and easy resources to support your mental health.
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For healthcare workers, the stress and feelings of anxiety surrounding COVID-19 can even be greater as you will worry about the health and safety of those in your care, your family, and yourself.


Supporting Staff

During times of significant uncertainty, it is helpful for employees to know that you have a plan to address their concerns and support them. We have resources to help you communicate that.


It cannot be stated enough that your mental health matters. Depression is not a sign of weakness, and these are unprecedented times. Know that you are not alone and the feeling can be treated.

Social Connection

Social connection is important for sustaining our sense of feeling cared for, supported, and listened to. Positive interactions from our supportive relationships improve our mood.


Taking Care of Me

We are not designed to be in stress mode all the time. When our stress systems get overworked, we are at increased risk for physical health and mental health problems.


Bereavement and Grief

Grief is a natural process that our minds and bodies undergo when we experience a significant loss in our life. There is a range of things you can do support yourself during this challenging time.

Events for Caregivers

Upcoming Mental Health Webinars

More Things That Might Help

Mental Health Support Resources

Expanded Support from CMHA BC

Peer support, BounceBack* coaching, community counselling and more supports are delivered with community-based local CMHA’s and partner organizations throughout British Columbia. Read More

Crisis Line and Crisis Centre

Do you need help right away? Call the Crisis Line anytime at 1800-784-2433 or 310-6789 IN BC. Get Help Now.

Mindshift Mobile App

Mindshift is an anxiety fighting mobile app for Apple or Android devices that applies Cognitive Behavioural Therapy approaches. Download and try it out today.

Phone Line Support for Healthcare Workers

The Mobile Response Team is available to support the mental well-being and psychological safety of frontline healthcare workers who are experiencing distress and mental health concerns in response to COVID-19. To request MRT support, you can call: 1-888-686-3022 or Email: MRT@phsa.ca