Essential Services Heroes – Staying Healthy and Mentally Strong

Health-care workers, grocery store staff, transit drivers and food delivery workers are among those who are heroic for continuing to provide much-needed services amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“No one wants to hug me”, is a refrain heard all too often today. It’s so difficult to be an essential worker on the front lines of essential service provision. These committed and brave people are regarded as heroes by their employers and by the public for leaving their homes to come to work. Many organizations have temporarily increased pay for at-risk workers for the duration of the COVID-19 emergency.

A recent report from MaRS reveals that essential workers, particularly those in the sales and service industries, are disproportionately made up of seniors, immigrants and low-income earners — people who already faced greater mental, physical and economic challenges before COVID-19 hit.

Learning objectives

This webinar will prepare Essential Service Heroes to use effective coping strategies to stay healthy and mentally strong:
•Apply quick tactics to boost resilience throughout the day
•Tips to nurture our relationships with our partners and housemates
•The secrets of positive thinking and effectively managing worries
•Creating and maintaining daily habits that build resilience, including dealing with personal stress and anxiety when “putting on a brave front” for my boss, customers, colleagues, etc.
•Effectively managing social media, friends and the news