Well-Being Conversations

Well-Being Conversations

May 27, 2021 At 7:00 PM

Caregiver well-being is a priority that is demanding our attention. This workshop is a safe space for caregivers to explore and process the negative impacts that COVID-19 has had on their well-being. What used to fuel your well-being that no longer does or can’t? We know that what worked can no longer or does no longer work, but before we move to finding a tool or intervention that can work, this facilitated and supportive session is an essential and often missed part of the well-being conversation.

Well-being is also about recognizing loss and gently building up your resources to repair and renourish your mind, body and heart. This session is a great place to start if you feel your well-being has been low and you need a safe place to have that conversation.

At the end of the session, participants will have the opportunity to debrief with The Mobile Response Team led by Sherry Wu.

The Provincial Mobile Response Team provides free and confidential psychosocial support for frontline workers of the overdose public health emergency and COVID-19 pandemic. Two MRT staff will be available during and after the webinar until 9pm to connect with anyone who would like additional support or resources.

Participants that attend the workshop will be able to

• define well-being for oneself

• acknowledge what used to contribute to well-being that no longer does

• move towards acceptance of what cannot be changed

• create pathways to move forward


Josephine Bio:

While she’s well in tune with the challenges of daily life, Josephine’s disciplined and genuine approach to live keeps her and her clients focused on being high on life. She holds a Diploma in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing and has provided years of coaching to elders in long-term care.

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