Peer Support For Healthcare Workers During COVID-19

Audience: For clinical leaders and peer support teams to medical front line staff.

Healthcare workers are under immense pressure in the fight against COVID-19. Providing quality care while facing shortages of equipment, the risk for infection to self and family, and long work hours will not only be professionally challenging, but also personally and emotionally challenging. As a result, healthcare workers are at high risk for acute stress reactions that can undermine their personal wellbeing and resilience.

Now more than ever, people leaders and peer support teams will be called upon to provide support to frontline staff. Yet how do they do this when healthcare workers are traditionally reluctant to ask for or receive help. Yielding to their professional training, healthcare workers typically respond to crisis by minimizing their personal stress and instead demonstrate an increased sense of responsibility and selflessness to better care for their patients. But for how long, and at what cost?

This workshop incorporates best practices in resilience and crisis debriefing techniques to provide participants with tips to initiate conversations with front line employees experiencing acute stress reactions, and practical strategies that can promote self care, demonstrate compassion, and foster the determination and commitment to purpose needed to overcome adversity


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