Mindfulicity: Psychological Safety Savvy in the Workplace

Mindfulicity: Psychological Safety Savvy in the Workplace

June 16, 2021 At 9:00 AM

Note: This webinar is not hosted by Care for Caregivers

Looking how to develop stronger psychological safety in your workplace as part of your mental health strategy? Research has shown creating space for people to trust, ask questions and respectfully challenge each other allows for successful innovation and problem solving. High performing teams who create psychological safety foster openness, candor and mutual respect.

Join Mindfulcity for a free webinar where Mindfulicity’s Program Director, Lana Bentley, MSW, walks through the key skills ALL employees can learn to create a psychologically safe workplace. Experience our newest module, Psychological Safety Savvy first hand, as Lana provides insights and common language around this important topic.


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