Mental Health Safe Care for All Staff

Mental Health Safe Care for All Staff

December 16th, 2021 At 9:00 AM

This workshop is designed for employees in high-stress roles and/or facing high-stress situations and challenges. These are challenging times for any employee, and in particular, those that shoulder the significant responsibility for business continuity. We’re hearing from employees across all sectors that they are on the precipice of burnout.

This session is designed to give participants practical techniques, that can be applied immediately, to improve mental health self-care and resilience to stressors. Attendees gain awareness and actions that help to reflect on their situation and regain control of self-care — no one is immune to burnout or psychological illness.

Learning Objectives:

1. Getting at the Root of Stress and Burnout

a. What is Stress?

b. Identifying Sources of Stress and how you Cope

c. The Impacts & Benefits of Stress

d. Understanding Burnout

2. 10 Practical Actions: From Grief to Relief


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