Breathwork for Health Care Professionals: Let’s Get Centred

Breathwork for Health Care Professionals: Let’s Get Centred

April 20th, 2021 At 7:00 PM

As leaders, we are resilient and strong, but this year has stretched many of us beyond our usual capacities and capabilities. COVID has drained us mentally. Many of us feel pulled, pressed, and off-centre. Workplace burnout is on the rise, and we know that, to maintain this pace, we’ll need tools to remain calm and resilient

In this session, you’ll experience breathing practice that will rejuvenate and calm you. We’ll gather virtually, via Zoom, for 45 minutes. All are welcome.

Jeanette Ryujin is a Nurse, Master Meditation teacher and Healer. She offers heart centered wisdom and transformational meditation practices. She is passionate about sharing yoga with others for health of mind, body and spirit. Recently she has committed her Yoga practice to helping nurses heal and reclaim their inner power during these pandemic times. Jeanette bridges her experience as an advanced practice nurse in western medicine with wisdom obtained studying eastern modalities. Please join her for a free online breathwork class.


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